Kansas City Autism Speaks Walk Now for Autism

We’ve all heard about the increase of Autism over the years. The exact causes of Autism and reasons behind the increase in diagnosis of Autism remain uncertain. However, we have learned much about correlations or lack of correlations between Autism and environmental, biological, or genetic factors in recent years. Much of the research that has provided these insights is directly linked to, or funded by, Autism Speaks. Many may not be aware that Autism Speaks is also a great resource for parents and others that work with those impacted by Autism for toolkits, advocacy, resource links, grants, resource guides, and safety resources. Additionally, they provide an Autism Response Team (ART) to give people with Autism, their families and caregivers information, resources and tools directly.


At Aspire Behavioral Solutions, we understand the importance of promoting efforts that provide support for Autism Speaks and other organizations that inform, assist, and improve lives for those impacted. We encourage all people to learn about Autism and organizations that support families and individuals related to Autism. You can learn more about Autism by visiting the Autism Speaks website (here). You can also come out and support Autism Speaks by attending the upcoming Walk Now for Autism, the annual Autism walk. Whether you are in Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, North Kansas City or somewhere in between, we can all join forces as a Kansas City community to raise money for such an honorable and important cause. We’ll see you there on October 10th! Stop by our booth and say hello!

For more information about the Kansas City Autism Speaks walk visit the walk page at ABS Team Page. For more information about how we can help you or your child please call us at 913-802-2227 or send us an email here.