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Social skills are an expansive set of interconnected competencies that develop over many years in a typical child’s life, beginning in infancy. Just as social complexities evolve as a child ages and develops relationships, so do the challenges in teaching social skills for our children. For most children diagnosed with Autism merely being around other children does not encourage social development or lead to the natural development of social skills. As a result, these environments often lead to false hope and disappointment after progress is limited or not demonstrated and more time has passed.

At Aspire, you’ll find specialized interventions to work on your child’s specific social development needs with a team of experts on this area of development. Our social skills programs include options such as individualized social skills lessons that target the development of important skills (such as listening, sharing ideas, beginning conversations, etc.), social groups which offer the opportunity to begin demonstrating important skills in a socially safe environment, and generalization of developed skills into more typical social environments such as playdates, birthday parties, playing in preschool with friends, and playing at the park on the playground. It is a mission of Aspire to support the social development of each child we work with! For this reason and due to our experiences in successfully developing these skills, we maintain our flexibility and we will go where your child needs us to go. At Aspire we help to guide important decisions you, as parents make, related to your child’s social development by providing evidenced-based solutions and data-based information related to the successful progression of social development. Treatment decisions about what environments will support your child’s social development will be recommended and tailored to your child’s specific needs and our treatment team will work with you to help meet those needs!

Social Skills Services

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Aspire Behavioral Solutions (ABS) serves the Kansas City community.

These services address the needs of families, interventions for the reduction of challenging behavior, one-on-one parent and staff training, group presentations and workshops, crisis intervention services, feeding interventions, school and agency consultation, and social skills training.

Our clients include individuals or those that serve individuals with autism, or other special needs that may be keeping them from reaching their full potential.

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Services provided by Aspire address the needs of children diagnosed with Autism and their families by treating important development delays, addressing behavioral concerns, and by providing parental and family support and training. Working with Aspire means that your child may also have access to our social skills and school readiness groups! In addition to all of the comprehensive programs offered at Aspire for your child you will have the support of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in important progress and collaboration meetings (such as progress meetings and IEPs) with other providers and to aid in successful school transition.

Aspire is also available and experienced in providing presentations and workshops for other providers, groups, agencies, and at various conferences on topics related to Autism and ABA.

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