Motivating Operations.. what are they? How do they work?

You know that feeling when you’ve gone for a long run and finally get some water or when your mom is baking cookies all day and then tells you that you can have one when you’re all done with homework? These are examples of motivating operations in action; one naturally occurring and one set up by mom! Motivating Operations are those situations that make things (items, activities, people, etc) even more rewarding! As a bonus they can help us, those we work with and our own children be more motivated to get through less preferred or harder tasks and situations! Motivating operations can be easy to put into practice! Here are some important components: preferred items or activities that aren’t always accessible (or that before use you make less accessible), creating a way to access those items or activities contingent on a less preferred task or more difficult situations, and then providing the item or activity once that task or situation is finished!