5 Days and Ways to Celebrate Labor Day at Home!

Activities Autism to Celebrate Labor Day

With all the hustle and bustle of parades, barbecues, fireworks, flags, and vacations Labor Day can be disorienting and overwhelming for children with Autism. Then consider that the concept of employment and the meaning behind Labor Day can be tricky for little ones to understand.

To help your child on the spectrum join in the fun while teaching them about the meaning of Labor Day, here are a few ideas for families to add some festive fun that may help your child engage with the meaning of the holiday!

5 Days and Ways to Celebrate Labor Day at Home!

  1. Day 1: Make thank-you care packages for community helpers. Help your child learn what it means to say Thank you by their actions! Labor Day is a spectacular time to show your appreciate for those who spend their days serving others! Help your child show kindness by making a small craft, gathering some snacks into a basket, and created thank you cards. Work in choice in these activities and reinforce your child for all their hard work in helping to put together their special notes and/or packages! Once ready, plan a time to deliver these gifts to various community helpers; USPS employees, delivery drivers, lawn maintenance or sanitation/trash teams your child comes in contact with throughout the week.
  2. Day 2: Dance Party!! Play a fun Labor Day Song Video! Check out the one linked in the text (“Play a fun Labor Day Song Video”) to get into the holiday spirit and have some fun singing and dancing with your child!
  3. Day 3: Professional Dress-Up Party! Everyone loves to dress up!?! Purchase a few costumes or make your own with printable paper hats so your little one can take turns pretending to be a firefighter, grocery worker, nurse or security guard. If the act of dressing up is too much, there are other activities like Totschooling’s community helpers puzzles that can teach kiddos about different jobs. Use this time share what each job is and how those in these roles contribute to their community! What a great way engage your child and work on independent work or pretend play!!
  4. Day 4: Create Community Helper Puppets! Simply print these free puppets from First Palette, color, cut and attach to popsicle sticks. These crafts can turn into great discussion props (show me who puts out fires, what do you want to be when you grow up?) and can lead to amazing pretend play!
  5. Decorate with patriotic crafts.Take the opportunity to make a room (or maybe the whole house!!) feel festive with red, white and blue crafts. Crafts will help your child work on developing creativity, independence, fine motor skills and overall have a ton of FUN! Tailor the art projects to your child’s skill level and join in to help, when needed. Check out these great ideas to get you started: pom-pom flag painting, patriotic paper plate wind catcher, and this mess-free star art.

Holidays may look a little different for children and families touched by autism, but they are can still be wonderful experiences! Contact us to learn more about ABA!