group services pgMany children, especially those with Autism, struggle in group environments and with their peers. Our ultimate goal is to assist children in becoming completely independent in creating and maintaining friendships and navigating successfully within all social environments. From learning how to initiate conversations to creating lasting friendships, our group services are designed specifically for your child’s social development!

The exact treatment for your child is determined by assessing their social competency as they demonstrate it in their natural environments (i.e., places they might regularly visit to play with other children, preschools, etc.). Our interventions involve providing your child with the support they need to learn and demonstrate appropriate social skills in all settings. To address these needs, we work with our families to develop multiple social and group opportunities to work on these necessary skills. Parks, organized play groups, sporting and group activities, various children’s events, and other community activities are all places that we frequent with our families to continue to provide a fun social learning environment. At Aspire, social outings can occur individually (with a child entering social settings with our support) or can include meeting up with a buddy to work on social skills and have fun. Aspire also provides full group sessions with 3 or more children, generally provided during the summer months. Keep checking our events page for updated information on future group opportunities or check out our news page to get more information about social skills groups in your area!