Alexis C

aba services team member

I’ve been working in the field of ABA for close to three years. Prior to ABA I worked in an elementary school district with students grades K-5. I’ve always had a passion for working with children and when I came upon ABA and became an RBT I knew right away it was going to develop into a passion of mine, and it did! There are several reasons I choose to be a part of Aspire. Aspire demonstrates a level of teamwork that is incredible! The passion that each individual holds for what they do is evident in day to day interactions. I love being able to work in an environment with individuals who are always looking to be the best they can be and who are able to give and receive feedback, then turn around and apply it with a positive attitude. We are always uplifting one another and in turn creating a positive and uplifting environment for our kids. My favorite part of my role as an RBT is hands down seeing the progress of my kids. Seeing a child master a skill and then be able to generalize and apply that skill to all aspects of their life is amazing! I love being able to see the look on a child’s face when they are mastering a skill and you can tell they feel good about themselves and happy inside! It makes it all worth it!

COVID19 Update: Aspire is committed to meeting your child’s needs and we are providing ABA treatment services at this time. Please reach out for more information about our services or to learn about our safety protocols in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.