Parent and Sibling Training

One of the benefits of our comprehensive behavioral intervention is that it addresses the needs of other individuals in the family as well. That is, all who come into contact with the child in treatment are provided the necessary resources and training to enhance the efficacy of the intervention and to help address their concerns. Thus, parents and siblings are included in the development and implementation of our behavioral intervention. Specifically targeting parents can have many benefits for the treatment team, family, and child. If parents are trained in intervention procedures, these procedures can be implemented when direct-care staff are not present. This can assist with the generalization of skills to different environments and different people. With the generalization of skills, these behaviors are more likely to maintain over time. Additionally, parent coaching can enhance the overall quality of life for families as a whole. By teaching parents how to manage behavior, they are more confident when interacting with their child. This, in turn, makes the interaction more pleasant, less stressful, and therefore more enjoyable for both the child and parents.

ABS has training options for everyone. Parent and sibling training is a part of our in-home early intervention services to ensure a comprehensive treatment package. However, we also offer individualized training packages to meet more specific needs of each client. This can include a parent training lecture series on a specific behavioral need or a group-training lecture series for a parent advocacy group. Please contact us and we will decide together what services best suit your needs.